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Olivier Nicod

Cocoa & Chocolate Technical Advisor 
Research & Development


A passion for cocoa and its origins.

Having pursued his passion through a background in chocolate and pastry over 25 years, Olivier has acquired his technical expertise in chocolate development during the last 10 exciting years.

A belief that clients are looking to create or refine products combined with Olivier's ability to regulate technical aspects such as balance, flavour, stability and shelf-life allows him to share his experience and achieve what he enjoys.

Going to the source of cocoa enables Olivier to learn about the evolving future of chocolate, discover the challenges facing the industry and permits him to work on bean to bar projects.

He loves to enhance his palate, whether it be through chocolate judging or tasting new products devised by people who are just as passionate and help to inspire his creativity.

Currently consulting regarding couverture quality and recipe enhancement, Olivier is collaborating with other professionals in order to follow the market and it's ever changing trends.





Support in chocolate couverture development.

Recipe development and/or creation.

Technical advice regarding shelf life.

Outlining market trends and developing products in relation to these.

Technical advice regarding machine usage and output e.g one shot. 

Hosting events related to chocolate tasting and pairing.

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